Is VR the future of gaming?

Is VR the future of video games…

Errr difficult one. Yes. But not yet.

The state of VR is impressive. Its a marketing team dream, it sells itself. Everyone is going nuts over a “immersive” experience  which allows you to further remove yourself from the blackhole which is your life. Want to spend quality time with the kids, nah fuck it – VR porn.

But despite the impressive marketing spiel will people actually buy into the idea.

“LOL a Rattata on the toilet”, get in the bin.

Along with VR we also have its cousin; augmented reality. You have already used augmented reality if your one of the many Pokemon Go player gorging yourself on pidge’s down the local park. Allot of people/blogs have talked about Pokemon Go finally making augmented reality a thing. In my opinion the game is easier and better with out it. It in no way adds to the experience, all it does is help make rather funny imager posts – “LOL a Rattata on the toilet”, get in the bin.

Augmented reality is a trend, until it jumps from a shitty phone apps to something more seamless, i’m talking computers in contact lenses. Or fuck it, robot eyes. Getting your phone out of your pocket to interact with a laxative app on a billboard is not going to happen.


I feel the same way about VR. Lets not forget VR was about in the 80’s. Look how well that did. The idea of putting a fuck off head set on just to essentially have two tv screens 2 cm from your retinas wasn’t as appealing as we first thought.

Also the cost of the thing, and Im not entirely sure what you even get with an Oculus rift other than debt from paying out 2k for a gaming PC to run the fucking thing and the headset (queue flame war about PC prices).

People do not have the money to payout for a VR headset. The same people never invested in the Playstation eye or the Xbox stalker bar thing (Kinect) so why would they pay out for this.

Despite the negativity I really do hope VR sells so that in 3 generations time we get the VR experience we deserve: I want movement, I want recoil on the gun i’m shooting or the keyboard I’m using, I want to collect the thumbs of the people I kill, I want a large collection of games and above else I want it at a cost. I also want it to replace my current gaming set up and not just be another peripheral I pay for and then put in the cupboard.

Me, me, me, me, me.


Putting on a pair of glasses then having a full on immersive experience with out being tethered is the future of gaming. Unfortunately we have a long way to go, but will get there.

Probably not in my life time.

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