Playing support

The Medic is the most important class in Team fortress 2 (Let the rage begin), if you have one on your team and the other team doesn’t it can significantly increase your chances of winning the game. A half decent medic can drag a pretty useless team to a win, it might take a little longer, but he will get you there.

This post isn’t all about the Medic from TF2, instead its about the mindset of the guy choosing to play the medic and how this type of player can significantly increase your teams chance of winning by never really showing up on the score board.

He/she is not likely to be going for the flag or capturing points: this player is support, this player chooses to defend, this player chooses to fix and maintain. This player does all the jobs that your average FPS/MMO player wont play. So what am i talking about, am i just acting old, do i not understand the young folk – well yes and no.

The following roles are important and should be considered by any player when they see 4 snipers, 6 light weight players or 0 engineers.

Medic, game TF2 – The medic will increase the score everyone on the team and help to push past a sentry nest, or simply clear the field with an uber. If you walk into a game and see a chat log full of “Your mother..” pick up the medic and turn it around.

Heavy, engineer, game Tribes – The class in this instance isn’t overly important. A heavy can be used to grief an enemies reactor and an medium class can be used for pretty much anything. But you need someone to maintain your defences and to protect the reactor. Its not likely to stop every attempt at your flag but it will make it more difficult.

Defending points, most games but specifically WOW PVP – Back in vanilla WOW where only the most dedicated (well geared) players really had a chance of being successful in PVP no one defended points or the flag. You received no bonus  for sitting on a point or scouting out. They have since introduced a buff for holding a point which is nice.

Playing support, game DOTA – Support is a critical part of helping your team make it to the end, of course some support is better than others.

Playing the Healer, most MMO’s – Lets be honest with out a healer in your Raid your fucked, but when was the last time anyone said – “Good job Healers”.

So why play this type of roles? Simply put I want to win the game and I know that plying one of these roles (when no one else has) will server to increase the chance of winning the game. I also like playing support.

I have played support for so long it’s easier for me to play than the attacking roles, but its important to remember that these roles have their own skill sets. It is possible to be bad at support, not healing people when they need it, not prioritising your tank over your DPS, not setting up your sentry in the correct place.

So next time your king of the kills take a look at the top healers or most flags defended and throw a – “Good Game Support” in to the chat window.

“We do it because we care” – Support

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