Jedi Knight II was probably the best Star Wars game ever made. Fact.

With the new Star Wars Battlefront game on its way, will it over take what was probably one of the best Star Wars games ever made. From what I’ve see so far probably not, but that might be the nostalgia talking.. probably… definitely.

Jedi Knight 2 was released in 2002, you played the role of Kyle Katarn who has a bit of a run in with some lizard Sith (Desann) and the resulting meeting leads to Kyle’s squeeze (Jan Ors) being ‘Sithed’. So Karl goes on a magical journey to learn what it truly means to be a Jedi and why firing lighting should not be 100% restricted to none vegans, AKA Sith.

The game can be played in either first or third-person depending on what weapon you have out at the time. The game starts off with Kyle being limited to guns and grenades since he has no initial force powers. About 3-4 levels into the game you go to Jedi school and pick up your lightsaber and a few basic force powers. To start with the lightsaber and force powers are pretty rubbish, they give you very little impact against your enemy, however as the game progresses your powers and skills level up and eventually you become the Jedi you always wanted to be.


The good thing about Jedi Knight is your not restricted to light or dark side powers you have access to a large array of force powers. This is mainly because Kyle wants the power of the force to seek revenge. Bit of a strange one as Luke is the character which helps Kyle to get his powers back. I assume Luke sees the good in him? anyway it makes for a brillent force throwing game.

Lightsaber battles in the game basically look like two people hitting each other with foam bats to get over rage related issues with each other in a PC work space. Given the time this game was released I will let this little detail fly. Generally speaking lightsaber battle are good fun but whats more fun is killing large amounts of storm troopers with nothing but the god like force powers you have.

I don’t know what it says about me but turning off my lightsaber and killing everything with nothing more than lighting, force push, pull and grip was like a child with a magnifying glass and some ants – I should probably seek help.

The last boss fight was a little bit of a disappointment – near the end of the game you have everything unlocked, you are essentially a God. One of your powers allow you to move 100% faster than everything else essentially putting all your enemies into standstill, you can then take on the ‘strong’ lightsaber stance which means you hit like a truck but your as slow as a really slow thing. With these two powers you stand next to lizard guy and spam mouse one till you get a cut-scene. Easy.

A more challenging boss fight lies with his apprentice earlier on in the game, where your powers where lacking. Everything was more even.

One of the little gems with Jedi Knight was the multiplayer. You could assign a set of points into any force power you wish and create your own character build. With your character all set up you then went into a large arena and beat the shit out of each other with your force powers or lightsaber skills. I spent allot of time in the multiplayer and it was one of the first real online FPS I played.

(FYI this isn’t me in this video, would suggest you just mute it)

Despite the games since nothing in the Star Wars gaming genera has ever come close to the Jedi Knight series.

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My top 3 from E3

Yep another one of those, “hey check out my top ‘n’ from E3”. Its hard to cover everything, but here are my top 3 games which came out of #E32015.

Fallout 4

My knowledge of Fallout is based around the 5 hours I played in Fallout 3 (it might have been more, I set off a nuke and my Dad got sad. Thats all I remember) and so I wasn’t expecting to feel much about the announcement, but I found myself strangely lured into the gameplay footage.

I set off a nuke and my Dad got sad – Fallout 3

After I was finished watching everything thats been spewed out of E3 I set about reading up on all the Fallout vaults and as much lore as possible, turns out it’s all pretty fucked up 10/10 on the hype factor.

Also your dog wont die! +10


Surprisingly one of the few remaining games that doesn’t require you to cower behind cover like some kind of real person’ in a real situation, instead you get out there and you get shot in the face, and a number decreases and your fine, everything is fine.

You get out there and you get shot in the face

I felt allot of joy watching this video, although most of it was nostalgia.

The enemies where simply there for cannon fodder none of that built in AI – i’m going to flank you rubbish, they shoot you, you shoot them the higher the level the more enemies, the bigger the gun. I got a glimpse of that, and it felt glorious.

Im looking forward to seeing what will get with the multiplayer also, but from what I saw of the single player its all good in the hood.


I never had much fondness for COD – but battlefield is my Jam.

Star Wars Battlefield has been teasing us for about 3 years, at one point it got canceled. But now its back and it looks every bit what I expect from a next gen game (are we on ‘next-next-gen’ ?).

Dice have allot to deliver on this one, but given what we have all seen its looking like it will shape up nicely.

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