Death of the Disc

Its often been murmured that the days of games in a physical format is coming to an end and as of today, AKA #Fallout4 day I believe that to be the case.

Sadly there is something nice about owning something physically, instead of virtually. You feel that your £30-40 went somewhere, CD Projekt package up The Witcher games beautifully you really feel like you’re getting something for the money. However, a trend seems to have emerged over the last couple of months, which means that it’s probably time to accept that the physical copy is dead – well on PC.

(^ What an naive fool I was)

Apart from owning something physical it’s also practical to get a copy of the game on a disc, since some people have awful internet connections. I am currently downloading the outstanding 20gb of Fallout 4 at about 700kb a sec (The disc loaded 5gb).

That’s shocking and unfortunately its not likely to change any time soon.

“Why don’t you just start downloading it a couple of days before you it comes out, Steam lets you pre-install. Stop bitching”

Agreed, our glorious overlord and all round nice guys at Steam will let you pre-install a game but I would bring up two points: about a year ago my internet was capped at about 40 gigs a month. Yes that’s shit, and also nothing was said by Amazon about the fact that the game had such a large amount missing from the disc.

Had I have known about this I would have bought the game off of CD keys, where i would have got it for about £10 cheaper than Amazon but i wanted the physical copy and I wanted to play it on day one. Now i’m sitting here waiting for the game to install, which as of writing will take 8 hours.

I get the need to release a physical copy of a game, however what i don’t get is the fact you only package half the product. If you want to save on discs and packaging just release the game digitally, why bother fucking around and pissing people off?

Is Fallout 4 a one off case? Unfortunately not. Earlier this year MGS4 took a hammering for selling a product code in a box. Luckily I went to buy the game after it was released and read the reviews on Amazon.

In short avoid buying a physical copy of a PC game, unless you plan on buying the limited edition version (but even then try and get hold of the CD key early).

(The reviews on Amazon now give away the issue, it’s a shame as i’m sure the game will be awesome but as it currently stands it has about 2 out of 5 stars).

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