Uncharted 3: Worth the Journey in the End

So I finally dragged myself back to Uncharted 3 after nearly three months of abandonment. Holy crap it turns out that the entire second half is ridiculous fun. Sinking ships, scrappy gunplay in destructible environments, a horseback pursuit, crazy fire demon hallucinations. It’s pure bombastic AAA from one of the world’s finest studios.

So who made the first half?

Don’t get me wrong. Everything prior to the abduction arc was decent, and beautiful to boot, but it felt a little like business as usual, especially following on from what is in my opinion the greatest, most consistently thrilling pure action game of all time in Uncharted 2. The first half of Uncharted 3 instead gave us lots of static city and ruin environments to sit behind a piece of cover and play shooting gallery in.


Even the much hyped burning building sequence left me mostly cold. It certainly looked the part, but played out as somewhat empty and un-interactive. Just another static environment to take your time walking through and shooting guys, only that parts of it happened to be on fire.

The game started to find its way once it finally focused in on its core pursuit arc and started having fun with it’s 1960s swashbuckler stylings, and I really hope the fourth instalment next year finds a way to leverage its new massive environments into presenting something as generous and confident throughout as this game eventually became, not just a more-of-the-same-but-prettier sequel.

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