How to play Halo, the ‘Murder Ball’ way

Being a big fan of the original Halo on the PC (2001) it seems a bit strange that I now no longer care for the franchise, I played my way through Halo 2 and just about dragged myself through Halo 3, I might have come back for Halo 5 (?) but I have no idea since its just one big blur of Master Chef bro offs against midget spacemen.

I lost interest and cast the game aside, part of me wanted to come back for some console based multiplayer fun. However I hear its not the most inviting of environment for people who look at the sky and run around in circles shouting “what does this do” down the microphone (thats me with a controller).

How not to play Halo..

A little while ago me and a few friends threw in Halo 2 (3?) and after a few games of 4 player split screen free-for-all  we became less excited about bunny-hop murder fragging.

Believe it or not Halo has some rather interesting multiplay game types, the one that interested us the most was “Murder Ball”. Basically you get hold of a “skull” (its not even a ball, how will we ever appeal to the millennials without a skull-ball) and you run your arse off and the game turns into an ‘All v 1″ game where points are awarded based on how long you have the ball.

I suspect this gameplay idea is nothing new, I have a feeling that quakes and dooms have this type of gameplay, but what they don’t have is the modding ability (ok they do have the modding ability, but I’m talking console gaming) that come built into halo.

Basically we made the following changes: give the ball holder insane speed, no weapons, no shield and very little health (also be drunk, this is optional but advised).

This turns the game in to a Halo version of roadrunner and the results are hilarious.


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