Boardgames we played in 2015, Part 1

Its been a diverse year for boardgames in our little group, breaking away from Munchkin (but still playing it all the time because Munchkin is the best) and shelving Cthulhu for a little while. So in this post will be covering some of the games we played in 2015.

[Since this is going to be a long post I will be breaking this post up into 2 parts.]

Love Letter


Although this game has been around for some time in various forms, this year was the first time I played it. The objective of the game is to get your love letter in to the hands of a locked up princess/prince (definitely an original story idea), whilst deflecting over players love letters. This all sounds lovely, but in order to get others into this game I wouldn’t use this description to sell it – Am I a 12 year old girl (no, no is the answer).

Love Letters looks like a game of chance but the more you play the more you realise its a game of counting cards and reading people. A player is knocked out of the game when they have no cards left, a player wins the game when no other players are left or all the cards in the centre are used and they have the highest value card.

Different cards have different abilities, like all good card based games the skills of each card are explained clearly for all the see and so the learning curve is near to none existent. However getting good at the game can take some time.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig


You have been contracted to build a castle for the mad king, as you place tiles and build up your castle the goals change as the king decides randomly what he wants. At the start of the round the master build sets up what is available to buy, at the end of the round the next player takes on the responsibility of master builder, this allows each player to bias whats available to build in their favour. As the game progresses and players buy more rooms and corridors your castle becomes.. well a mess – but some strategy is needed in order to rack up the points and win the game.

So to conclude – you literally build a castle in this game. A very enjoyable hotmess.

Mice and Mystics


We covered this game earlier in the year, with one of our very rare review posts.

Personally I enjoyed this game very much and am looking forward to starting chapter 2, it felt like ‘DnD light’ which is no bad thing. Although we struggled through chapter 1 simply because we underestimated the games difficulty… and I may have not picked up any healing spells even though i played the main healer,  my team was weak and should feel bad.


Last up is a little dice game we used to fill in the gaps between people ordering food, phoning up a loved ones to wish goodbye or having a lengthy session in the bathroom. Its a quick game, easy to pick up and one I quite enjoyed.

Games typically last about 5-10 mins and involve rolling a set of 24 custom dice, which are distributed between the players. The dice have pictures of different animals which are then grouped together.

The dice also has a six which is represented by a picture of a chupacabra, if you get a chupacabra you can then collect over players animals. A Chupacabra can capture up to two chickens or one goat, and two Chupacabra can capture a bull.

Part 2 on its way!

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