That MGS thing

Metal Gear Solid has always been a little bit special, something has always set it above other games. The directional style of Hideo Kojima has helped to set MGS appart from other games. Its something that always been there and something which contiues in the latest addition, Metal Gear Solid 5.

So what is it about the Metal Gear Solid experience.

My first experience of a MGS was the much loved Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation 1 back in 1998, this game exploded on the Playstation with outstanding reviews coming in from all direction, and this is where we can first see something slightly different from other games. One of the more outstanding aspects of any MGS game is it ability to blur the lines between game and film – admittedly MGS4 should probably just be classed as a film you could sometimes take control of. The intro alone in MGS1 was something I personally had not seen in a game before, the intro felt very much like I was watching a film.

This introduction where the character are outlined, continues through out the MGS universe all the way up to the latest MGS5 where the end of every main mission fires off the credits and the intro is a bit like your flying into ‘Nam’ (if Vietenam was a desert – I seem to relate military helicopters to Vietnam). The game also walked the line with breaking the 4th rule, where information about how the game worked or how to do something was explained to the main character by explaining what button needs to be pressed on the gamepad or how to save the game at certain points through the codecs.

The game-play in MGS has always been an interesting one, even in the original you had to dig and find out little things which you never knew existed or little pieces of information which added another dimension to the game. For example in the original MGS you could travel between location in the truck based on the cardboard box you had on, something which to most was never explained until someone on the internet pointed it out (probably on gameFAQ, that site has not changed in about 15 years) or when you fight Pycho Mantis, you need to switch the controller port in order for him not to read your mind. Even now im still finding things out about MGS 3, 4 and 5 which shows just how much effort goes into thinking about all the little things which makes MGS such a special game.

MGS does have one major issue, for me. I literally have no idea what the overall storyline is for the MGS universe. I understand that nuclear weapons are bad and that somewhere along the lines the original idea of bringing about world piece from The Boss have been skewed in order for large corporation to make money.. or something. I think its probably time to crack open the wiki pages and do a little research. Or maybe I should just replay all the MGS games again.

[Hopefully we should have a break down of the latest Metal Gear soon and also a post outlining the entire story]

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