Things I’m looking forward to at EGX 2015

With EGX opening its doors today, I thought I would write a small something about what I am looking forward to when SmashFace journeys up to Birmingham for the final day on Sunday. We’ve managed to obtain a couple of press passes, and the app is downloaded with guides on my phone, so lets get started!

So what’s intrigued me?

Four Sided Fantasy



Originally when I saw the title I thought this would be a generic fantasy rpg in some form or another, but I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on the site for more details. The game utilises the screen wrap feature regularly used in games as a key mechanic to progress in level and negotiate past a number of obstacles (think when Pacman wanders off screen to appear on the other side). This develops into a number of interesting abilities as the player manipulates the screen.

The graphics look simple, but in a cute cartoony aesthetic, and it looks like something that could be picked up fairly quickly. I can definitely see the Fiancé playing this if it’s available to demo. I’d like to see if there is an option for multiple players, and to see how far this mechanic can go.

Raging Justice



I’ve already tweeted about my interest in this game, for the simple reason that it looks like a sequel to Streets of Rage. Similar aesthetics (obviously brought up to the modern day), similar looking game play – this has the chance for some hilarious gameplay. Lets hope we see some, and maybe chat to the devs to see how much SF inspired them.

With the big games there are a couple I want to drop in and have a look at – Rock Band 4 (since we’re still enjoying the Rock Band Revival in our house), Ratchet & Clank, Lego Dimensions, HTC Steam VR, Playstation VR, Mad Max, Mario Maker. I definitely have a lot to look around! We’ll be spoilt for choice!

In terms of sessions scheduled, I’ve spotted a couple that have caught my eye. Whilst there seems to be a big focus on cosplay for the final day (prepare for photos people), I’ve spotted a couple of talks I might go sit in;

  • Teaching Robots to Play Spelunky: Why Scientists Love Gaming
  • Interview and Q&A with Mike Bithell
  • Zombie bites – a live demo
  • Eurogamer Let’s Play – Mario Maker

This is my first EGX, and first big gaming event. I’m really looking forward to heading up, and sad we could only make the final day. However I hope to meet lots of people. I’ll be running around introducing myself, so if the name clicks and you’ve read something from our blog, say so! I’d love to chat and get some feedback from you guys.

Have I missed anything? Let us know in the comments!

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