The rise of FPS F2P

Over the next few months will be seeing a surge in the amount of FTP (free to play) FPS (don’t be stupid) hitting the market. The free to play model mostly receives negative reviews. For me its getting so bad that any mobile game I see marked as free I ignore, these types of games follow a standard trend something which has been mentioned in previouse posts.

The game most people think of when we talk about FTP FPS is the much loved TF2 from Steam, a game I have a huge amount of time invested in. When the game went FTP about 4 years ago I had no idea what to expect, at this time FTP was a relatively new thing something people didn’t quite know how to handle. Steam used TF2 as a marketing platform, this clever piece of marketing has helped them to gain a larger audience on the steam platform and to help promote games they sell through it. With the introduction of game specific skins and weapons to tie the promoted game – into TF2.

This post will mostly be looking at Arena based FPS

Paying to make yourself look like the baddest mother fucker in the arena: yes, paying so you have instant kill death eyes: NO.

The good thing about this FTP approach means that the game-play suffers very little, all weapons, to my knowledge within TF2 are equal (and if they are ‘OP’ we can safely assume the nerf trains a’comin ). I still play with the original weapons in TF2 and find some of the classic far out weigh the new sparkly contraptions. I hope that this type of ‘selling’ is what will get with the up and coming wave of FTP FPS as I feel nothing would kill these games faster than a ‘pay-to-win’ attitude. Paying to make yourself look like the baddest mother fucker in the arena: yes, paying so you have instant kill death eyes: NO.

What can we expect over the next year?


I can’t hide the fact i’m a massive fan of Blizzard, however this is all leveled out with my mass hatred of Activsion so.. none-biased?

After whatever happened to Titan(?), Blizzard had some left over parts to play with and so decided to head in the FPS market place. This isn’t blizzards first rodio when it comes to FTP they also have the much loved Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. Admittedly I didn’t much enjoy Hearthstone but this could be due to the fact I suck at it, and have never been a massive fan of MOBA’s.

Overall I’m looking forward to Overwatch – allot, and despite the bleating of – “It’s a TF2 clone, boo” I believe it will add allot of diversity to the ‘Team based arena’ genera.


From the director of Gears of War comes LawBreakers an arena based FPS which looks somewhere within the realms of UT, but with classes. I never much cared for the Gear of War and to this day fail to see its a appeal. I hear good things about the multiplayer and from the first game-play trailer from LawBreakers things look to be about on track for some arena based fun – if not a little generic.

Unreal Tournament


Basically the king/daddy/daddy-king of all FPS, has gone FTP. Its been along time coming, since i’m fairly sure they have the worlds smallest development team on the job, but by taking their time and releasing what they can over a long period of time it looking like we might get a game the players felt they had a hand in molding. Its all available for free now from the website. However i’m still waiting for something a little more stable to come out before I get my head-shot groove back on.

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