Hearthstone: C’Thun all up in your face

Recently I plunged myself back into the ever growing world of Hearthstone. The last time I played was when naxxramas was box fresh. With the release of Old Gods I thought it might be time to have a look and see whats changed. With the release you receive 3 Old God packs which give you a sneak peak of all the new Cthulhu’ey cards available, and a little boost into an otherwise daunting game.

One thing I noticed is that deck have now separated out into types with the Old God cards being the newest, followed by the last major event; Grand Tournament and finally the classic cards. Having 600 gold kicking about in my stash I bought an addition 2 of each type to try and expand my classic collection.

Armed with my new cards I stepped forth into the world of competitive online card gaming and lost.. over and over again. Then I remembered why I stopped playing Heathstone, with my inability to handle failure thought i would write this post highlighting what not to do.

I expected to loose, I expected to loose allot; but so far out of the 50 games I’ve played I have won maybe 2 games. This is not looking good. I would like to blame my loses on being out of the game too long or purely being out gunned and not investing enough in the game. After all Hearthstone boarders on the pay-to-win side of F2P.

After a long string of defeats I noticed a new game type floating around: Standard. Standard gives scrubs like me the option to jump in with out being dominated by hardcore players. Standard, only allows classic cards and any card released over the last 2 years letting you jump into the game with a tiny amount of hope that you wont get bulldozed in a 30 hit point combo explosion.


I put together a modern’ish card deck learning towards utilizing C’thun. Some cards allow you to boost this basic 6/6 card so that when it finally comes into your deck you can place it and “bring the noise” essentially obliterating your opponents board. This event occurs because of C’thun battle-cry; where it deals damage equal to its attack distributed randomly across your enemies minions and hero. A few things stand in your way of happy damage explosion time.

You need to boost C’Thun to make him worth the 10 mana crystal investment. This can be done by using minion cards which boost C’Thun when they are played. Certain scenarios apply to these minion cards which increase C’Thun stats, one of the cards adds 1/1 to him when its healed, another turns him into a tank when the card is played and some just boost him by 1/1 when they are played. If you manage to role none of these cards early enough you could be sitting on a week little Cthulhu… I mean C’Thun.

Its highly possible that you could die before you even get to 10 mana crystal or you could die waiting for him to show up. Hearthstone players have a fetish for the quick game, a swift in and out – get the job done kind of play. To counter this you need a deck which aims to keep you alive for long enough to let you C’Thun explode C’Thun’ness all over your enemies.

Priest seems to work well for me. I have a few minions that do well to boost C’Thun if they are healer (Hooded Acolyte) and few other minion cards which help to keep everyone alive through group heals. Not to mention a few tanks which I boost with double life to slow down the hate. Currently I’am lasting right up to 10 mana crystal and normally C’Thun is sitting pretty on 10/10, which means if he isn’t in my hand I can use Ancient Harbinger to place any 10/10 minion into my hand.

This change in game type and a shift in play style has pushed my winning streak up from, really bad to – it’s ok. I am also enjoying the game more in this mode, Heathstone has also evened out slightly when it comes to new players vs old players. Lately I have come across a few more players who have the basic deck. Im sure this will fizzle out as people slowly drop out of the game after the initial hype but i’m enjoying the new mix of casual/noobs and veterans. The difficulty will also start to scale in this category as more and more players get their hands on the new cards, but this time I can see myself playing Hearthstone for longer than a week.

I might also actually pay for a pack of cards ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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