Lets get angry about microtransaction

With the recent fuck up coming from Payday 2 lets express some rage over why games are increasingly taking the microtransaction root, as opposed to just letting you buy the whole game.

Recently Payday released a massive update with one major change and that was the introduction of pay-to-win/advance mechanics, needless to say the gaming community took this lightly (probably only 50 or so rape threats and a crucifixion). This whole fuck up exploded more than it needed to since the original stance from the payday team was – “fuck no to microtransaction”. But even though the game is essentially PVE people just don’t like seeing small amounts of money next to labels saying “buy now”, so enter the rage train.

Halo 5, recently came to life and is firing on all cylinders in order to try and ‘speed-boost’ the Xbox one straight into your living room and bring down the hammer on to the PS4 run away success. In between all the inane gargling and reviews I spotted – microtransaction.

In this incarnation of our much loved mechanic players can buy packs of cards (am i the only one who thinks this is a direct rip off of Titanfall, or has this been done before?) after a certain amount of time you will receive a filled gem, once you have something like 3-4 gems you can call in a banshi or some other vehicle, rocket launcher, BFG.. etc  and in order to gain more cards you can choose to drop $2-3 to buy a pack.

These packs also come with cosmetic changes, for example a fancy helmet or foam hand, Go spartans!. The down side to this isn’t the cosmetic change, as mentioned in a few of my post, cosmetic changes do not bother me. You can look like a fucking hard-arse for all i care as long as when it comes to playing we land with the same weapons and have all the same choices. The guy popping $100 a day on card packs whilst having little to no idea of what a warthog is should not have more of an advantage.

It difficult to say at this early stage if this will be the case but hopefully someones already though of this and i’m over stating it, but its not unusual for these – well money grabbing tactics resulting in a biased online gaming experience.

Metal Gear Solid also recently released a microtansaction service with the introduction of FOB (forward operating base) this base is an extension of mother-base. However the core difference is that the FOB is online and open for other players to come over and steal tech and NPC from your base. You can buy FOB insurance with real money which will compensate you with virtual money when something gets stolen by another character.

Metal Gear 5

I personally had no interest in this aspect of the game, some kind of clash of clans, MGS mash up. Just no. So the microtransaction aspect of this would not effect me as I give 0 fucks over my FOB. What did annoy me was the fact I still had to go through a fucking tutorial about something I had already decided to not do. I hope this microtransaction trend does not make its way into the online MGS coming out early next year.

Microtransactions are simple to do, you don’t need to fuck off everyone with them or fuck over core mechanics in order to squeeze a little more out of your dedicated fan base. We need to accept that they are here and that nothings going to change. Remember when everyone fucking hated DLC, and now people just accept it and buy it because of this attitude microtransations will continue, but the industry has a responsibility to introduce them from the start and not to fuck people over.

And finally.

Fuck pay-to-win, just fucking take it outside and fucking shoot it.

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