Shot to the heart – Ups and downs of FPS fun

After my recent stint of RPG fun with the Witcher I was looking for something where I could just shoot someone in the face. I immediately picked up TF2, something I have sunk allot of time into. However like all good games eventually you drift apart.

Military shooter are not my go to FPS of choice, anything that involves a leveling up aspect, which then rewards you with better guns for being better than everyone else so you can go on being better than everyone else is not my thing. Yes i’m sure that does make me ‘butt hurt’, but if I hear another incoming death thing I might punch the TV.

Having come from UT and Quake 3 I have a love of fast passed multiplayer shooters, quick weapon switching, double jumps, power-up – I love’em all.  Multiplayer FPS which require a larger amount of skill than just knowing the map and being prestige 14 times till your finger bleed – in no way am I trying to say that CoD/Counter strike requires less skill, but when you hit the killing floor in Quake or UT you’re all equal.

Team death matches have a problem, in that you have a team.

The main faction dividing you as players at this point is skill. Team death matches have a problem, in that you have a team. I tend to hit up Death matches, meaning the only person you have to blame for being a bit shit is yourself. Its probably the same reason I have over 100 hours as spy on TF2 – I do better along.

Team play online is rarely equal and you always have the issue of too many ‘x’, in the case of TF2 it always falls down to spy or sniper. Instant kill classes in the hands of a new player are cheap, you would probably end up with less kill than going with a standard cookie cutter class, the same applies to games like Tribes, however Tribes has few diverse classes. I really can’t comment on team play in UT and Quake it is literally something I have never really done, I even hated the introduction of vehicles in UT 2004, I felt it cheapened any skill anyone had.

Games like Left 4 Dead and Boarder Lands never really caught my attention, again the idea of working together with a group of people you dont know or, having to work together to kill a group of people you don’t know. Holds no interest to me. I full respect both games but co-op to this day alludes me.

Whats new: Personally i’m looking forward to Overwatch from blizzard. I hear allot of people say, ‘it’s very TF2’ something I’m actually looking forward to. Watching the games testers play what I assume is their first FPS I have hope that the game will bring some diversity to team oriented play. You can play as a Gorilla with a hammer, what more do you want.

Despite what most people think the bro culture of calling each other mothers a ‘fat piss eating shit monster’ is not something CoD and Halo have a monopoly on. FPS culture has definitely gone into the floor. I could go on about what we could to to change things or what this says about society, but the bottom line is this – Teenagers are angry people and bros are, bros. The best you can do is compliment people, or use sarcasm. Always leave a shit throwing competition and never join in, other wise you get covered in shit, and they get covered in shit, and shit.

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How to play Halo, the ‘Murder Ball’ way

Being a big fan of the original Halo on the PC (2001) it seems a bit strange that I now no longer care for the franchise, I played my way through Halo 2 and just about dragged myself through Halo 3, I might have come back for Halo 5 (?) but I have no idea since its just one big blur of Master Chef bro offs against midget spacemen.

I lost interest and cast the game aside, part of me wanted to come back for some console based multiplayer fun. However I hear its not the most inviting of environment for people who look at the sky and run around in circles shouting “what does this do” down the microphone (thats me with a controller).

How not to play Halo..

A little while ago me and a few friends threw in Halo 2 (3?) and after a few games of 4 player split screen free-for-all  we became less excited about bunny-hop murder fragging.

Believe it or not Halo has some rather interesting multiplay game types, the one that interested us the most was “Murder Ball”. Basically you get hold of a “skull” (its not even a ball, how will we ever appeal to the millennials without a skull-ball) and you run your arse off and the game turns into an ‘All v 1″ game where points are awarded based on how long you have the ball.

I suspect this gameplay idea is nothing new, I have a feeling that quakes and dooms have this type of gameplay, but what they don’t have is the modding ability (ok they do have the modding ability, but I’m talking console gaming) that come built into halo.

Basically we made the following changes: give the ball holder insane speed, no weapons, no shield and very little health (also be drunk, this is optional but advised).

This turns the game in to a Halo version of roadrunner and the results are hilarious.


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