Its all gone primal

With the PS4 Paris conference now over a few games came to light which before we knew very little about: Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn. Two more games to add to the ever growing prehistoric genre which has become the focus of some of the new games hitting the market in 2016.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming up and how this trend might be an interesting new direction.


Wild is bought to us by a studio based in Montpellier with the name… Wild. It was co-founded by Michel Ancel who bought us both Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil (where the fuck is Beyond Good & Evil 2?) . Wild sees you playing as a shaman with control over various animals both large and small. Personally this kind of game will likely push the scales for me picking up a PS4 (it’s a PS4 exclusive) over the next year and it’s not surprising, although very little is known about the game, in its current state it still makes it one of the more impressive  and experimental games I’ve seen for a while. Definitely worth looking out for in 2016.

Farcry Primal

At the end of Farcry 4 Ubisoft posted that they would be taking Farcry to some strange places in the next installment of the genre. Given the success of the much loved Blood Dragon which came off the back of Farcry 3 I was surprised that they stuck to a relatively safe idea in Farcry 4. The drug mission which took us to strange and distant lands where you had control of a tiger and had to kill evil spirits with a bow and arrow showed that the developer had some really interesting ideas but were unable to make a whole game out of them. Farcry Primal takes us way back to the days of spears and mammoths. It’s looking like an interesting decision but I’m hesitant at the moment. What they really should have done is gone ‘fuck this’ and done something more along the lines of Kung Fury. Let’s see what happens.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Ark is an early access game currently available on steam, and similar to every sandbox survival game on steam it has picked up a heavy following. Players start out with nothing after being stranded on an island inhabitedby dinosaurs, and as with all of these games you start off by collecting resources and working your way up the development tree until you have an AK47 and a Tyrannosaurus Rex mount. It’s looking good – but to be honest it’s not really my thing. It will likely attract the Minecraft crowd as they search for a new fix, you know, after the Microsoft thing. RIP 🙁

Horizon Zero Dawn


Despite sounding like a CoD expansion pack, Horizon Zero Dawn couldn’t be any further from it. You play Aloy (FFS, seriously) – a female hunter who tries to make it in a world occupied by robot dinosaurs. Set a 1000 years in the future this post-apocalyptic back drop provides you with all you need to make scrap metal out of your new robot overlords. Despite how incredibly shit that all sounded the game looks to be somewhat entertaining. Again Horizon is a PS4 exclusive.

Of course lets not forget our roots.

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