Deconstructing Doom

DOOM is a hellish, beautiful mess of demons and half cut-up people; with big guns and “no fucks given attitude”. But where it excels at single player it falls flat on its multiplayer offerings.

….where it excels at single player it falls flat on its multiplayer offerings.

I picked up Doom early from CD keys for about £22. Normally I wont commit to a game unless it has been reviewed and deemed working on PC as most games these days come this the optional setting of being a fuck-up. You also get the option of being trapped in a console port which has no relevance to a mouse and keyboard set-up. However the developers creating Doom should know better. It started on PC and thats where it need to come from.

It turned out to be a wise investment and Doom has been an enjoyable experience

DOOMs single player is a a lovely romp through a beautifully deigned hell infested Mars colony. Its a game that gives you exactly what you expect – big guns and demon hell spawn to decimate with said big guns. The weaponry packs a punch and feels satisfying to use. Nothing beats a double barrelled shot gun, well except taking that shot gun and shoving down some hell spawns throat and pulling the trigger.

Personally I got bored of cover shooters and military sims after the first GoW and CoD 4(?), but they sold and left us with little to fill the void. With a phenixdown being thrown on UT and now DOOM I’m hoping for a re-birth or the arena shooter much to the hate of Yahtzee.

Also give us back our bestie game mode, the Death-match

However first ID need to rip-out whatever the fuck Certain Affinity did with the multiplayer and start again. First off remove the load out rubbish and make guns available in level. Maybe strip back the secondary fire to something less OP and finally randomise the power ups in the level so that players can’t just camp them. Also give us back our bestie game mode, the Death-match. The only thing I would keep is the level side of things. I see the value of a level in multiplayer if its used to match players of similar skill level.

If they can solve this I might spend some more time in the multiplayer game but at the moment I’m all Overwatch, all the time.

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