Acquisitions Incorporated – Adventuring with a Brand

With another PAX comes another campaign from Acquisitions Incorporated – the D&D Saga from Wizards of the Coast and Penny Arcade. Since it turns out that this year is their 10th year adventuring together, I thought it would be nice to write a little something.

As I have already mentioned, Acquisitions Inc. is a D&D group set up by members of Wizard of the Coast and Penny Arcade. The D&D group consists (currently) of:

Chris Perkins as the Dungeon Master
Jerry Holkins as Omin Dran
Mike Krahulik as Jim Darkmagic
Scott Kurtz as Binwin Bronzebottom
Patrick Rothfuss as Viari (the “Sub-employee”)

Previous characters have made appearances as “interns”. Aeofel “Al” Elhromane (played by Wil Wheaton), was a main member of the group between seasons 2 – 6, and Morgan Webb made an appearance in Season 8 as the intern Môrgæn.

Originally set up as a Podcast series, the group’s advertures grew in popularity until the live games started in 2010.

I LOVE Acquisitions Inc. The dynamic between the players is brilliant, and the stories that Chris Perkins thinks up as GM are fantastic. It’s all in the small details, which links together each adventure. They are very good at involving the audience (GREEN FLAME!), and the sets and toys have gradually gotten more elaborate over time, resulting in the superb set that was used in the Pax Prime live event held this year (kudos to Matt Smith a.k.a CzarofHappiness for that work of art. The detail on it was mindblowing).

One of the things I really enjoy watching as well is the short, animated introductions that these guys put together to summarise what happened in the last game. They started using these for the live events, and they’re all available on YouTube. Watch them with each campaign, as the light-hearted tone and the inspiration for each short (there’s one that is a spoof of the old “Dungeons and Dragons” cartoon from the 80’s) shows you that these guys *love* what they’re doing.

If you’ve never seen these guys in action, I most definitely recommend you give them a look (here is the link to the podcast series, the live events are easily found on Youtube: The dialogue is hilarious, the adventures are brilliant and the action is pretty fast-paced for a D&D session.

Seen Acquisitions Inc in action? Let us know in the comments which campaign is the best! Feel free to also let us know who your favourite character is (BINWIIIIIIIN), or your favourite catch phrase!

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