Relapsing into Valkyria Chronicles

It’s no secret that the original Valkyria Chronicles was my favourite game of the last console generation, so the announcement today that it is finally getting a full console sequel after 8 years against all odds is bloody exciting. Plus there’s a remaster of the original coming for everyone who missed it last time around (or for people like me to buy AGAIN just to access the demo for the new instalment).

But weirdly, I’ve never played either of the portable sequels. Time to change this.

Admittedly things aren’t set in stone that the new Valkyria will be any good. A lot likely to feel different due to changing character designer for the first time, and some are wary what appears to be a more period setting (well, more so than last time around), but time will tell, and I’m actually quite open to things being mixed up a bit.


You see the original was such a wonderfully complete piece of work that it left very little scope for conventional sequels. The war was over, beloved characters had been lost and everyone who remained was changed forever by it. It would be rude to just throw together another war right afterwards.

As such, when the first sequel came out for the PSP it took the form of a scaled down, tropey high school oriented game about students in a military academy dealing with a regional uprising. So I never got round to playing it. High school adventures didn’t feel like the most rewarding sequel to the emotional journey of the previous Gallian conflict.

Shame on me, for by not buying it I contributed to the underwhelming sales which kept the third instalment from getting a western release. Doubly so that 3 is supposed to be almost as good as the original, telling an interesting side story set during the original conflict of the first game.


I’ve owned a Japanese copy of 3 for over a year now, putting it off until I had time to play it, in no rush due to there being no further instalments to catch up in time for…

This changes tonight. My PSP is dusted off. The English fan translation is patched in. I’m good to go…

Although I am finally getting Fallout 4 in 2 days so chances are it’ll get sidelined a little!

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