My Amiibo Tipping Point

I’ve never been anti-Amiibo. I always ‘got’ the idea of them being re-usable DLC for a lot of games, not just something you use once. However, I kept holding off on buying any until there was a game to really convince me.

Super Mario Maker is that game.


Nintendo aren’t half-assing this. By the looks of things they are including support for most, if not all of the Amiibo range as playable characters. Even better, they are embracing a clever sort of ‘community ownership’ idea, where player’s can hide tapped-in Amiibo characters in item boxes to be permanently unlocked for players who play their maps.

And with that I am finally off the fence, albeit only for characters I really like, if they’re priced right.


And because damn I am so ready for Super Isabelle Bros to be a thing.

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