What’s New Kickstarter??????

And we are back! Here is another installment in the “WNK” series (and yes, I can see what the initials sound like…). In this series I browse Kickstarter on a monthly basis and pull out a couple of games (mainly board games) that really catch my eye.

We had a small break at the end of last year, for which I can only apologise. However we have a fresh start for 2016, so let us see what the new year brings game-wise.

Let’s see what we have for January!

Karmaka – A tactical card game for 2-4 souls

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eddybox/karmaka-a-tactical-card-game-for-2-4-souls?ref=category_popular

Game by Eddy Boxerman
$36,656 pledged of $20,000 goal
28 Days to go (18/02/2016)

This game really caught my eye. The premise for this is that everyone begins as a Dung Beetle, and you play out each “life” to work your way up the Karmic Ladder to reach Transcendence. Each Life is played using a hand of cards, and players play those cards to reach 3 objectives:

  • Score enough points to climb the Ladder and keep up with your rivals.
  • Stash a good selection of cards to your “Future Life”. This will become your opening hand next life.
  • Play cards for their abilities to help yourself or to hinder others. But what goes around comes around. A key tension in Karmaka is that after playing a card for its ability, a rival may take the card into their Future Life. Your actions may come back to haunt you in the next life…

Note the last point – I *love* this idea. Other games have tried to incorporate a consequences element to a player’s actions, but this one manages to not only add a brilliant tactical element to a fairly simple card game, but it also does it in a way that fits with the context of the whole game.

The artwork looks to be beautiful, with the karmic ladder painted as a twisting vine with a variety of creatures on it all on the path to enlightenment. The cards are wonderfully detailed as well, with even the images of dung beetles rolling dung artfully drawn.

The site has included positive reviews from places like PAX South, and awards from the Boston Festival of Indie Games, so already the game seems like a safe investment.

In fact, for the first time since starting this Kickstarter series – I am so in love with this game I have personally backed it with my own money! So when it comes in expect an excited review in a future post.

Control: A Strategic Card Game

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/keymastergames/control-a-strategic-card-game?ref=category_popular

Game by Keymaster Games
$6,479 pledged of $7,500 goal
29 Days to go (19/02/2016)

This game is a quick card game, inspired by titles such as Love Letter (brilliant quick card game), Magic the Gathering and Cuttle. The aim of this combat card game is for players to use Fuel Cells (the cards) to refuel their time machines and to escape the rupture that has trapped them all outside of time.

Games generally run 5-15 minutes so gameplay is extremely quick and easy to learn. On their turn, a player chooses ONE of the following:

  • Draw a card. A player may not draw if they have seven cards in hand.
  • Install a Silver or Bronze Fuel Cell in their area of play. The Fuel Cell Charge on installed cards goes toward a player’s goal of 21 or more to win. Abilities on Silver Fuel Cells are activated when installed.
  • Burn a Bronze Fuel Cell to the discard pile to activate its ability.
  • Defuse an opponent’s fuel cells with a Fuel Cell of your own of equal or higher value.

I generally like quick card games as a rule, and combined with the sci-fi/steampunk-esque artwork I think this game is definitely a winner. The designs on the box make me think of Dr Who and Gallifrey (not a bad thing at all), whilst the artwork on the cards makes me think of the old Sci-fi novels and comics.

The campaign page itself is well done, with clear rules, affordable contributions that will give backers a copy of the game. And they even have a PDF print & play copy of the game available to download. Once again – to be so confident and proud of your idea that you’re willing to let people print it out themselves to play it says wonders.

Definitely one to keep an eye out for!

Dirigible Disaster-A frantic real-time co-op for 2-5 players

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/letimangames/dirigible-disaster-a-frantic-real-time-co-op-for-2?ref=category_popular

Game by Dan Letzring
$9,194 pledged of $8,400 goal
22 Days to go (12/02/2016)

As the title already tells us, Dirigible Disaster is a co-operative boardgame set on an airship. Players must work together to keep the airship afloat during it’s maiden voyage.

Now this is the part that is really interesting; the “flight” consists of 10 1-minute rounds all played in real time. When you watch the example round they have filmed it just goes to show you how quickly the time goes, and just how in-sync the players all need to be in order to get through it and survive. The added difficulty is that players must all take turns one at a time rather than all together, so actions must be swift and a good mixture of proactive and reactive in order to make it through the round.

Now I will admit that the artwork is not the greatest, but in this game that isn’t necessary. The board is a little ugly, but with such innovative gameplay I’m willing to give it a pass.

I think this would be a great game to burn through with a group of friends as a breather between two larger games. Shouting out instructions and actions for each minute round would be the gaming equivalent to a pallet cleansing sorbet after a real meal.

Go look at these games that I’ve suggested. In fact – if you do, make sure to comment below letting me know whether they managed to convince you to go post them some money.

If you spot anything you want me to look into, be sure to let us know in the comments!


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What’s New Kickstarter??????

It’s that time again! Here is another installment in the “WNK” series (and yes, I can see what the initials sound like…). In this series I browse Kickstarter on a monthly basis and pull out a couple of games (mainly board games) that really catch my eye.

I seem to have picked up a theme of family-oriented games this month. Completely by accident I assure you, but I’ve decided to run with it.

So lets see what we have for family-friendly October!

The Great Dinosaur Rush Board Game

Great Dinosaur Rush

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/13415575/the-great-dinosaur-rush-board-game

Game by APE Gamer
$16,480 pledged of $16,000 goal
41 Days to go (24/11/2015)

This looks to be quite the nifty little game. Playing as 19th Century Palaeontologists, the aim of the game to is dig up and assemble dinosaur skeletons to sell to museums to gain points.  I like the interesting twist that the bones are merely sticks that you can assemble however you want, gaining extra points if you follow the design cards. Every player gets a pretty cool looking screen to hide their creations until the reveal at the end of the round. The artwork for this game is really well done, and I think suits the game’s overall look incredibly well.

dinosaur sticks

Building dinosaurs might be the main way to gain points in this game, but players also have the opportunity to gain by collecting “Notoriety tokens” each round. These are a gamble on the player’s part, as the points on the cards go towards your score, but if you have the highest notoriety score they actually detract from your score – so the objective is to play dirty…but not too dirty. I like that this game encourages a little sneaky tactics and gambling to try and gain points – sometimes you have to take risks in order to make discoveries!

The tiers are pretty reasonable, with the bonus of a little discount if you’ve backed their previous campaign which I do like. It’s a way of rewarding loyal fans, whilst at the same time enticing people to look at other campaigns they have running (if any) to try and see if there are any bonuses elsewhere.

I really like how this game can let you get a little creative, and I like how they show that on the Kickstarter page by showing pictures of ‘dinosaurs’ they liked from people playing at Gen Con and play tests.  Definitely one to pick up if you have children interested in palaeontology, or even if you just like making up dinosaurs yourself.

Publish or Perish – Science Family Game!

publish or perish

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rombogames/publish-or-perish-0?ref=category_popular

Game by Rombo Games
$4,059 pledged of $20,000 goal
27 Days to go (09/11/2015)

This little science game encourages children to conduct “experiments” by combining quark and lepton particle cards and noting down the results. This can then be compared to the other experiments the team has performed, to deduct the outcome. After that they can publish their discoveries to score points and reach the ultimate goal of winning the Nobel Prize.

There are 2 things I really love about this game :

  1. This game teaches the scientific method in a way that is both interesting and fun and yet at the same time they are learning about sub atomic particles. The part of me that is still sad at failing miserably at A Level Chemistry loves this, I only wish I had something like this when I was younger
  2. This board game uses a mobile app to play animations and sounds from the cards, showing the results of the experiments and publications. How has someone not already thought of integrating board games with mobile technology in this way? I think it’s really clever, and helps keep (particularly younger) children engaged. It’s a brilliant move in my opinion.

Augmented Reality in Action!

I think the artwork is cute, cartoony and very fitting for the demographic it’s aiming towards. I haven’t seen an educational game that makes this amount of effort to engage and be fun for a while, and I really hope that it takes off.

Wolf & Hound

wolf and hound

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/636070410/wolf-and-hound?ref=category_popular

Game by Ninja Star Games
$3,073 pledged of $10,000 goal
23 Days to go (06/11/2015)

The first thing that caught my eye with this game was the aesthetic. This is a very cute, quite ‘fluffy’ game. The artwork has a lot of soft edges, and the board layout with the little pens and the track which moves the wolf and hound cards around the players is incredibly charming.

wolf and hound board

The rules are pretty simple and quick to learn; you play in pairs as shepherds looking after a little pen of sheep each. Wolves scare your sheep into the dark forest, but hounds bring them back to you. The idea is to strategically move the wolf and hound cards around the track in the centre of the board to minimize the amount of sheep you lose, whilst at the same time knocking out the opposing team. The game ends when 1 player loses all of their sheep. There are a number of cards which can effect the game, and you have to play your cards to save both you and your partner. This means that whilst it’s pretty straightforward to learn, the tactics involved will keep players of any age engaged and entertained.

The Kickstarter page includes video playthroughs which I think really help put across the simplicity of the game whilst at the same time demonstrating the complex strategy that can be employed. One thing the Kickstarter page has that I really like is reviews from parents and children alike – playing to their demographic and showing the mixed age range this game can appeal to is a very clever move.

The backing tiers are incredibly reasonable – $24 gets you a copy of the game which they plan to retail at $37. This shows backers that their support and money is appreciated and is actually worth something, which is something I have found lacking in a lot of campaigns recently. Assuming someone is going to drop $50 to get a copy of a game that they haven’t seen physically and doesn’t even fully exist in some cases is incredibly arrogant in my opinion, and always puts me off from donating.

Overall I think this game is very charming – simplistic, encourages team play and cute aesthetics. A definite thumbs up from me.

Go look at these games that I’ve suggested. In fact – if you do, make sure to comment below letting me know whether they managed to convince you to go post them some money.

If you spot anything you want me to look into, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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What’s New Kickstarter??????

It’s that time again! Here is another installment in the “WNK” series (and yes, I can see what the initials sound like…). In this series I browse Kickstarter on a monthly basis and pull out a couple of games (mainly board games) that really catch my eye.

This month I saw a large number of video games that really caught my attention, so I thought I would step away from my normal critera to do a special “Digital WNK”!

So lets see what we have for September!

For the King


Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fortheking/for-the-king-0?ref=category_popular

Game by IronOak Games
$51,298 CAD pledged of $40,000 goal
29 Days to go (16/10/2015)

I really like the aesthetics of this game. The blocky design reminds me of the old polygon graphics, but the added details bring it up today. It also kind of reminds me of a big pop-up book that you can run around and explore. The way the world map is laid out reminds me of the Final Fantasy world maps, with little towns and monuments standing on top of the world.

What I am unsure about is that this game seems to be a mish-mash of different gaming styles and genres. The grid layout and turn based exploration suggest that there is a restriction on movement similar to a board game rather than just free exploration, and the turn based battle system draws heavily from JRPGs of the past. However there also seems to be a dungeon crawling element and ships which looks a little like what we’ve seen in past Zelda games (another potential influence in the game’s look and feel perhaps?). I really wish there was some gameplay demos in the kickstarter to get to grips with this game, rather than a bunch of gifs and trailers.

I do like the possibility for both online and single player gameplay, although I would also hope that there is an option for local co-op as well (since most of my gaming these days is generally co-op with my fiance). I can’t see that option in the description which is a little disappointing, as if they’ve added the functionality for other players online surely it can’t be a stretch to add it locally? Although I admit locally would limit the roaming ability of the group, which seems to be a selling point for the game.

Overall I’m quite interested in seeing how this game turns out. With the goal reached this early into the campaign, it seems to be a sure thing that we’ll see it released onto the market. If they get onto Steam’s Greenlight, maybe a little sooner. Definitely something to pick up and play.

12 is Better than 6 (PC, Mac and Linux)


Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1926605606/12-is-better-than-6?ref=category_popular

Game by Ink Stain Games
£2,297 pledged of £15,000 goal
22 Days to go (09/10/2015)

This game looks to be a fast paced, top down shooter set in the wild west. The aesthetics of this game look AMAZING, really different to what I’ve seen before. The attention to detail shows the artistic talent in such a simple premise – it looks like a moving sketch.

The game looks to be well thought out – they have already successfully joined the Greenlight community on Steam, the plot and background is well thought out and the developers even explain the title in their information, showing the passion and interest in their work.

The fast pace seems like it could be a game you can easily burn a couple of hours on before putting it down and picking it up again later. I can easily see my fiance playing a game like this, and it would be one that I would happily watch him burn through. The main story looks to be pretty short (they say 6-8 hours), but with the potential for added gameplay and downloadable content later on this could be extended.

I also really like the fact that they have a pre-Alpha version available for download. We all realise this by now, if you’re willing to give your potential backers a sneaky preview into your game, you’ll generally find me rooting for your product to succeed.

Overall they really seem to know what they are doing – they have made it available across multiple PC platforms, they have a set release date for next year, and they have already sorted out the important little details (like having some of the game’s soundtrack available on Soundcloud). Again, pending their success – this is something I think I could easily see appearing in our Steam library in the future.

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs – The Video Game


Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/saberridergame/saber-rider-and-the-star-sheriffs-the-video-game?ref=category_popular

Game by Team Saber Rider
$31,861 pledged of $75,000 goal
18 Days to go (05/10/2015)

This game is the (apparently) long awaited game adaptation of the 1986 television cartoon of the same name. They plan to release the game for Nintendo 3DS, Steam (PC, MAC, Linux) and (really bizarrely) Sega Dreamcast (seriously – why the Dreamcast?! I do not understand adding that console to the list whatsoever).

I personally have never seen this show, but I watched the campaign video and the TV trailer included lower down the campaign page and I love it! The style and general feel seems to be cheesy 80s fun, and the whole thing was incredibly pleasing. The developers clearly love the source material, and were respectful (or at the very least business savy) enough to gain permission from the creators before continuing with the project. The evidence of source material (Animation Cells, original character sketches) is reassuring, and I also like the added touch of comparing the background scenery of one level of the game with a scene from the series to show the accuracy.

I think starting with an already existing universe with established histories and characters is a safe bet, as their main customer base will be adults who enjoyed watching the show in their childhood. But the fact that they themselves are fans to begin with is the real clincher, as you know that this project of love is one that will not be half-arsed and released before they consider it the perfect homage.

If I’m honest, I pretty much want to watch this now, so that’s another reason why this game makes the list.

tiny & Tall: Gleipnir


Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pins/tiny-and-tall-gleipnir?ref=category_popular

Game by pins
€2,944 pledged of €8,000 goal
21 Days to go (08/10/2015)

This is a point and click adventure which tells the epic story of two un-epic protagonists, based on a nordic legend. The Kickstarter campaign is for the first of what will become 3 episodes, and is the adaptation of a book written by the creator.

You can tell by the style of the game that the creator’s origins were from comics. This is not a bad thing! I really like the look, and from the screenshots and trailer can tell that the humour in this game is the kind that I definitely enjoy.

I like point and click games, although I am awful at them so they tend to take me forever to complete. With this game though I’m not sure that I would mind too much. I think the genre suits the style very well, and it would sit quite happily amongst such classics as Escape from Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Day of the Tentacle etc.

Again the developer has very nicely provided a demo on the campaign page, plus he has included a link to his comic so you can read the background on the characters and get to grips with the story. The fact he has written his page in both English and French is very impressive, and I am going to go ahead and assume that the game will be available in both those languages as well (actually the demo shows a language option, so consider my assumption confirmed!).

To offer the option to download the game for just a €10 donation is amazing, and one that makes me very happy. Too often have people on Kickstarter set ridiculous levels and expect people to pay up large sums of money before seeing any kind of material gain. I’ve said it before – trust your backers, respect your audience and you will be rewarded!

This game looks fun, harkens back to the old point and click style in both graphics and humour, and whilst I’m not generally a fan of releasing games in episodes, I think it could be quite interesting and worth the hassle.

Go look at these games that I’ve suggested. In fact – if you do, make sure to comment below letting me know whether they managed to convince you to go post them some money.

If you spot anything you want me to look into, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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What’s New Kickstarter??????

It’s that time again! Here is another installment in the “WNK” series (and yes, I can see what the initials sound like…). In this series I browse Kickstarter on a monthly basis and pull out a couple of games (mainly board games) that really catch my eye. So lets see what we have for August!

Lobotomy Boardgame

Lobotomy Board Game

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1084608523/lobotomy-board-game?ref=category

Game by TitanforgeGames
$145,188 pledged of $40,000 goal
20 Days to go (31/08/2015)

Instantly by looking at the amount already pledged we can see that this is one popular game. Set in a Psychiatric hospital, players are inmates who are looking to escape, fighting off monsters both real and imaginary whilst recovering memories that unlock new skills and powers. It is a co-op horror game for up to 5 players, with dungeon-crawling and roguelike mechanics.

If I’m honest, the first thing I saw when I watched the video was that the setup seemed very much a mash-up of “Last Night on Earth” (with the modular boards and miniature hoards to fight off) and Arkham Horror (with the card options, Monster choices – they even have an expansion that’s unashamedly Lovecraft). At first this didn’t really impress me much, as we’ve seen these ideas before and the horror setting of a psychiatric hospital seemed as cliche as a Haunted House (although there are games that pull off that incredibly well – I’m of course referring to Betrayal).
However I thought I would look a little deeper into the Kickstarter to see what the fuss is about, and they have pulled together a very professional-looking and slick game. The miniatures and cards are all done incredibly well, and the boards are very well designed. I do also like the idea that the longer the game goes on and the more insane your characters get, you get the opportunity to find out character memories which in turn unlock new powers and abilities. At the time of writing this they had yet to upload any video showing a breakdown of the gameplay with some example rounds, and I think that is a real shame. Especially since they are asking the astounding price of $85 as their lowest donation tier. In my opion that is way too high for their first tier, they’ve instantly cut off people who might want to back it but can’t afford nearly £100 to blow on a game that hasn’t even been released yet. What makes it worse though is that despite forking over that amount of money, they THEN expect you to pay shipping if you live outside the US! I’ve seen other Kickstarter campaigns with games just as detailed that ask for half of that for a copy of their game for backers – so I have no idea why they think they can justify this kind of ask for their cheapest backers. This is a massive disappointment for me, but clearly I am the only person who feels this way though, since all 200 slots in this tier have been taken. Still, I think I might keep my eye out to see the playthrough when it is uploaded, and maybe then I’ll see why it’s worth that kind of money.

Kittens Mafia

Kittens Mafia

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1093389193/kittens-mafia?ref=category

Game by Matt Delekta
$2,638 pledged of $12,000 goal
17 Days to go (28/08/2015)

Have you ever heard of the game Werewolf? If you have, then consider this a kitty-themed spin-off. If not, then read on!

Kitty Mafia / Werewolf is a game where the group of players are split into two teams; in this game, the teams are the townspeople and the mafia. During the day, the citizens (plus hidden mafia players) all talk together and try to find out who the mafia are. Everyday someone is chosen and they are then executed. At night, the mafia nominate someone to be murdered. The game continues until either all the townsfolk are dead or all the Mafia have been eliminated. That’s the game in a nutshell.

So how does this game differ from Werewolf? It’s all about the add-ons – some of the character cards come with special abilities (the Kitten angel protects one innocent against the mafia at night, the cop cat can ask questions to try and narrow down the mafia members etc.). There are also Action cards, advanced character cards (creating double agents), and global action cards.

I’m a cat person, so anything cat related will generally get my attention. However, it has cute artwork and is a cheap little card game; the lowest tier is for $20 and that includes shipping for Europe of the Basic set. If you want the Advanced set, that’s only another $15 – which compared to the previous game I mentioned is chump change. If you’re new to pledging in Kickstarter, I recommend this as a little taster pledge – it’s cute, simple and will give you material rewards for very little contribution. Overall not a bad option.

Dingo’s Dreams + City of Iron 2nd Edition

Dingos Dreams

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/953146955/dingos-dreams-city-of-iron-2nd-edition?ref=category

Game by Ryan Laukat
$14,606 pledged of $15,000 goal
20 Days to go (31/08/2015)

Dingo’s Dreams is a family tile game for 2-4 players. Each player competes to be the first to successfully guide his animal through the dream world by revealing tiles and shifting rows and columns of tiles in order to try and find the tile that matches the goal.

The artwork for this game is wonderful and creates a world that suits the dreamy, simplistic aesthetic the game puts across. Each tile setting has a mystical quality, and the animals are quite cute and happy. The mechanics seem pretty straightforward, so definitely one for families to play together. It also has the option to up the difficulty once you’ve mastered the basics (though I’m not entirely sure how). It’s unfortunate that the page doesn’t include a video showing this game in action, however for just $16 (and whatever shipping costs), I think it’s a risk worth taking.

This Kickstarter also includes the option to back the 2nd Edition of an already existing game – City of Iron.

In City of Iron, 2-4 players take on the role of leaders of one of four nations who all compete to become the most powerful and influential. From what I can gather it seems to combine the conquering aspects of Risk with the resource collecting from Catan, and then adding a deck-building element for good measure.

This version includes updated Graphics (similar in style to Dingo’s Dreams), a revised game board and rule book, new variants, new citizens – basically it looks like they’ve completely redone it. And from what is shown on the Kickstarter it looks to be the right decision. The graphics look stunning, with detailed character cards and resource cards. They’ve also included a link to a dropbox which contains a pdf copy of the amended rules – giving backers the chance to read through it and get to grips with the game. We all know by now, this kind of trust and confidence with backers is something I like.

You can just purchase this game if you pledge $42 (plus shipping), but to be honest I would just go ahead and spend the extra $10 and go for the tier that lets you buy both. It still works out cheaper than Lobotomy (no I’m not over that yet), and you get 2 games! Why wouldn’t you?! Out of the artwork I have seen for this month’s selection, this Kickstarter has got to be my favourite. It reminds me of the kind of art used for Dixit, and that is a beautiful card/storytelling game.

Cultists of Cthulu

Cultists of Cthulu

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sixpencegames/cultists-of-cthulhu?ref=category

Game by Sixpence Games
$34,345 pledged of $35,000 goal
23 Days to go (03/09/2015)

Cultists of Cthulu is set at the Miskatonic University. Players must work together to fix the Elder Sign that hangs over the university in an attempt to stop a portal opening and revealing a path for eldritch horrors. The twist is that one of the players is actually a cultist trying to kill the other players and keep the portal open.

The box contains: Map tiles for creating the map, Events, tokens, cards, 4 Scenarios, a rule book, and a free 15 minute mp3 of original theme music (bit of a nice touch). Each game is between 45 minutes – 3 hours of play with around 10 minutes of setup time.

This game makes me think of 2 of my favourite games: Arkham Horror (naturally, even the cover looks similar), and Betrayal at the House on the Hill. The game has all the elements I love – tile boards create variety, the millions of cards and dice that you need to discover the items needed to close gates, and of course the betrayal element. Since the cultist chooses when to reveal themselves, you never know who is going to suddenly spin round and try to murder you – so you have to work together, but with the element of mistrust! Perfect in the Cthulu mythos.

The videos are a bit of a letdown for this game though. The designer comes across a little awkward, forgetting his words when talking to the camera, slow gameplay and drawn out discussions on the example – choppy editing with a separate introduction because the gameplay video missed the first 6 minutes of play. It doesn’t make me overly confident that these guys know what they are doing, which is a shame because the game itself is such a great concept. I do like the inclusion of a timelapse showing how easy it is to create different map layouts using the tiles – not only does it show how quickly you can set up the game, but it’s also good inspiration for players.

I think this Kickstarter page could have been put together a little better – the layout is completely wrong, with reviews coming before the designer playtest and the detailed list of components and game features; Superfluous information is included, such as recommended reading (lets be honest here, it will be Cthulu fans that buy this game, so a list of Cthulu books is definitely not needed); and only a very small paragraph under risks and challenges which essentially says “we’ve made one game before, so we know what we’re doing.”

Despite all of that however, I think it is a good game idea. Cthulu games are popular, and this is one that you can clearly see was created with a love and passion for the theme. The characters are all fleshed out, the designs are all well thought out, and at $60 including shipping it isn’t that bad a price for the game. If you like Lovecraftian horror, this is definitely one for you.

Go look at these games that I’ve suggested. In fact – if you do, make sure to comment below letting me know whether they managed to convince you to go post them some money.

If you spot anything you want me to look into, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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What’s New Kickstarter??????

It’s that time again! Here is another installment in the “WNK” series (and yes, I can see what the initials sound like…). In this series I browse Kickstarter on a monthly basis and pull out a couple of games (mainly board games) that really catch my eye. So here are some picks for July!

IMMORTAL – Mythology Board Game


Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/game-o-gami/immortal-mythology-board-game?ref=discovery

Game by Game-O-Gami
$13,469 pledged of $19,950 goal
17 Days to go (24/07/2015)

I watched the video that the team created for IMMORTAL and do you know what was my first impression?

“It’s Triple Triad!”


The idea of using cards to ‘battle’ and capture enemies is not new, and I was a little disappointed at first when they tried to play it off as such. The mechanics involved in their battle game when you boil it down to the very basics are very similar to the FF8 mini-game, I pretty much heard the music whilst watching the video. There are so many different varients, it’s hard to claim something as bold as that without some hardcore research and proof. Their saving grace, however, was not in their video or advertising – but in the video reviews that they have included lower down the page.

These reviews give you some insight into the gameplay itself, and this demonstrated the little things that actually made this game unique. The game is split into two rounds, with 2 separate groups of cards for both, and the modular board gives you a new “battleground” for each game. The board also has areas that can affect cards that are placed on it, adding a bit more strategy to the game.These guys have also gone ahead and included a downloadable rule book and a download print-and-play set of pdf files. So not only can you see other people review and play the game, but they give you the opportunity to do it yourself! And as I’ve already said on my previous Kickstarter article – it’s this level of trust and confidence that gets people to part with their money, and it’s that kind of ballsy move that I like.

Another selling point for this game is the amazing artwork. Each person plays a “Pantheon” of gods. You have the standard Greek and Norse sets which seem to be the go-to for anything myth-based, but you also get Japanese and Native American Gods which I think is a really nice touch.

So overall a good card battle game – one to definitely keep an eye on!

TAU CETI: Planetary Crisis


Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/226625542/tau-ceti-planetary-crisis?ref=discovery

Game by Outer Limit Games, LLC
$19,261 pledged of $39,600 goal
15 Days to go (22/07/2015)

Tau Ceti is a sci-fi epic boatd game, where the players are in an alliance completing for power against other alien civilisations whilst dealing with planetary crises.

The first thing that caught my eye about this game is the fantastic set up. With the cards, board, miniatures and different coins, this looks to be a beast of a game.

Look at this! Definitely getting your money's worth of game with this masterpiece
Look at this! Definitely getting your money’s worth of game with this masterpiece

The game seems to be a mix of gaining resources, forming and backstabbing alliances, political coups, exploration – it looks to be everything I wanted from a Game of Thrones game but set in space.

In all seriousness though, the game seems well thought out, and whilst I am disappointed at the lack of review videos and playthroughs on this kickstarter, the main campaign video provides enough information to see that this is a game that has interesting mechanics, shiny accesories and replayability. They have included a rulebook, free print & play and a quick play guide to give you a head start, which means already they are in my good books. My only criticism is that the artwork doesn’t seem to be of the same standard to the rest of the game. With such slick mechanics and developed cards and miniatures, the art comes off a little amateurish in comparison, and whilst it’s not bad per-se, I just think the style is a little cartoonish for what I would have wanted to see.

Molecular – The Strategic Chemistry Tile Game


Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/itbboardgames/molecular-the-strategic-chemistry-tile-game?ref=discovery

Game by Inside the Box Board Games
£3,670 pledged of £15,000 goal
22 Days to go (28/07/2015)

The way I like to think of this game is scrabble for chemists. Instead of using tiles to create words (which you then argue with your opponent over before consulting Google or a Dictionary depending on your generation), players use tiles to create molecules that assist in your research. If you’re put off due to a lack of a chemistry degree panic not! They have provided recipe cards for you to use. They also have effect cards that adds another level to this game.

It has a very simplistic design – black and white tiles and cards, simple and straight-forward graphics and simple tiles. The real draw is the mechanics and versatility of the game – you can play a quick easy game, but there is the option to use some strategy if you so wish.

My only real concern is from the kickstarter page itself. The guys who created the game are young and their testimonials do not really inspire the confidence needed when investing in a business idea. Whilst the game is good, I’m not sure I would want to give my money to someone who included in his background the fact he moved house, went on holiday and completed his finals over 3 days. And including a testimonial from your Dad might seem funny at the time, but to be honest it comes across as amateur and reaching for praise. Any publicity is meant to be good right? The one thing they did do right is in additional to monetary goals, they have set “social goals” based off of Facebook Likes. This is an interesting and refreshing twist to the kickstarter goals, and fully embraces the fact that social media is a big player in game advertising these days. A good move in my book!

So overall I would say that this game is definitely one to keep an eye out for. Simplicity is sometimes best, and I think this is an excellent example of that fact.

Foodfighters — a battle game with all the right ingredients.

food fighters

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1111322876/foodfighters-a-battle-game-with-all-the-right-ingr?ref=discovery

Game by Kids Table Board Gaming
$4,816 pledged of $25,000 goal
25 Days to go (01/08/2015)

This is an adorable looking game. It is a card battle game, with dice and miniatures to assist. The simple mechanics and cute artwork mean it is a fantastic game to introduce children to tabletop and card gaming. The campaign video demonstrates the game in action, and you can see that it is well thought out and put together with good quality items included.

One of the things I like about this game is the small additional items that add to the gameplay. Tiny spoons and crackers to equip your warriors with? Adorable! Small tiny wooden beans to use as currency with cute little dice? Wonderful! The review playthrough is very positive, and it is a quick 2 player game I could definitely imagine playing with younger siblings or even the older members of the family at Christmas. Definitely one to keep an eye on!

Go look and maybe download the playthroughs I’ve suggested. In fact – if you do, make sure to comment below letting me know whether their gamble paid off and made you go post them some money.

If you spot anything you want me to look into, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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