The Nintendo Switch

I jumped on board the Nintendo switch basically as an impulse buy, which for me is a bit out of the norm. I’m normally the first one to throw Nintendo on the fire, but not for the reasons most people hate on the company. I see Nintendo as the kid with allot of potential, unfortunately they always just do the minimum.

I see Nintendo as the kid with allot of potential, unfortunately they always just do the minimum.

Nintendo lives very much off its fan boys. Die hard fans who see 8 versions of the same game as some kind of achievement. New IP are slow to hit the Nintendo console, the last one being Splatoon(?). Admittedly they do like taking old IP and throwing them into new situation, like Paper Mario, Breath of the Wild, Mario sunshine, Mario.. cocaine filled drive-by.. etc. However this is unlikely to attract a new player base.

In my opinion Nintendo never quite reaches its potential and nothing highlights that more than the Wii-u failure, maybe it was the Dreamcast of its time.

The Wii was a success but mimicking that success is going to be hard. The casual player base it managed to crack have no idea that any other console exists and is still playing Wii tennis with their nan.

The Gamecube was an excellent machine and one of my favourite consoles, but if you think back to it – what did you actually play: Wind Waker, Twin snakes, Pikmin and Metroid. A good selection, but does it justify a whole console.

We have the usual games that show up each generation, Mario Kart and Smash-bros. Someone once told me that buying a Nintendo console, not to play Nintendo games is pointless. Which would be good if the Nintendo market share wasn’t shrinking.

I think all this might have finally sunk in at the Nintendo office, like the kool-aid guy showing up to your dads funeral.

Which is why I have faith in the Nintendo Switch. Rumours have it that this years E3 is going to be Nintendo, after a dismal few years. They have invested heavily in getting games on to the system, along with re-energising some of their older IP. BOTW has easily pushed the sales of the console but I’m confident the system will continue to grow.

If all else fails, I still own a N64.

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