DM Diary: Smoke and Mirrors

We will eventually finish Mines of Phandelver I promise, and when we do will bathe in the blood of the Dwarf that sent us there. In this nail biting entry we stormed Cragmaw castle and confronted a steaming pile of goblins.

The group came up with some interesting attack plans in this episode and diverged from the tried and tested strategy of just dressing up in goblin skin. This time the axes where sharp and the hammer angry and they planned their ambush on the unsuspecting fortress.

Scouting out the place led some of the group to the roof where they managed to get themselves into a nice position just above the entrance. Our Ranger – Daggoth casted Fog Cloud through one of the gaps in the roof filling the entrance hall with a thick fog. This successfully hindered the enemies sight and subsequently also reduced our players sight to zero. Now that everyone was successfully walking around in the dark it was up to our Bard to cast Prestidgitation on the enemy and light them up like a candle.

This creativity allowed our heroes to take the advantage. An Ogre made the decision to step out the front gate and see whats going on. Our barbarian managed to get the upper hand by positioning himself to the side of the entrance door. Unfortunately our fighter failed her stealth check and soon found the end of a ogre hammer. Luckily our barbarian took a stealth advantage; followed by a critical forced the ogre on to one knee. After this he choose to finish the Ogre off by confronting him from the front.  The Ogre took one last swipe by lunging forward and attempting a headbutt which was met by our barbarian, resulting in a headbutt-off.

The barbarian won.

After this, the group cleared out the front entrance  and started making their way through Cragmaw Castle. Thing went surprisingly well until our group met some ninja-goblin-warrior-priests. In one hand they had a dagger and in the other a sword – which then led to a quick read up on duel-wielding; and a realisation that everyone could produce more damage than they realise.

No matter how much we play it always turns out we are doing something slightly wrong. Anyway on-wards to death.

And it turned out death was right around the corner. After making their way to the end they came across a meeting taking place between and old bugbear by the name of King Grol and a Drow. Wasting no time our group aimed for a surprise attack and  successfully failed, breaking out into an encounter.

Things had been reasonably easy up to this point for our little group so now was the time to shoot off some fireballs. Our Drow managed to successfully hit our team and take out 2 of our players reducing their health to below 0. I smelt the fear in my players so i moved my hand away from the ‘kill all’ button. However this little bit of destruction kept everyone on edge and meant a little more thought was required to get through the battle.

Our adventurers finally prevailed and managed to rescue Gundren Rockseeker. Along with rescuing him our group recovered the map to the mine.

Everything is now in place to make it to the final encounter.



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