Spring Gaming Postcard: Paper Gravity Evo-Chronicles

Another batch of quickfire impressions on the game’s I’ve been playing recently!

Gravity Rush Remastered – Project Siren / Sony – PS4

Want some hyperbole? Ok. Gravity Rush is the best non-Nintendo platformer since the original Jak and Daxter. As mentioned in my previous article, this is a game where even falling or moving around is exhilarating. My only gripe is that they introduced the coolest character, badass amputee rocketeer Yunica, in the last 5th of the game. More of her in the sequel please!

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door – Nintendo – Gamecube

Replayed this one as it contains some gameplay elements I wanted to research for an upcoming idea of my own, plus I wanted to see if I was right as a kid to compare it unfavourably to the original. Turns out it’s just a differently balanced game, maybe a bit overly padded with backtracking, but with more of a focus on variety and character than the original. Well worth another 30 hours worth of playthrough!

Valkyria Chronices 3 – Sony – PSP

Finally finished this beast! Pushing 80 hours by the end. Overall, they did an admirable job condensing Valkyria down to a smaller console, with the secret guerilla warfare angle being a good match for smaller, faster, riskier battles compared to the original.

Evoland II – Shiro Games – PC

Just started on this one a few days ago. It’s banking a lot on nostalgia and gameplay gimmicks, but so far it’s for the most part fast paced and varied enough to keep things moving along before you can tire of whatever genre or era the game has jumped to.

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