Geek Chic

So last week I became the proud owner of my very first gaming fashion item after purchasing one of these bad boys.

Jealous much?

Last year gaming Christmas jumpers became the must-have clothing item for geeks everywhere when Sonic and Streets Fighter released their first knitted apparel. My mother tried buying one for her almost son-in-law (I love finding new ways to say that I’m getting married – can you tell?) as he loves all things Sonic, but she had to buy the shitty printed versions that were hastily shipped after everyone and their friend bought the genuine-knitted article. It was a shame, but it was the thought that counts!

My other half has owned gamer clothing the entire time I’ve known him – Sonic/playstation beanies, t-shirts, hoodie…pretty standard stuff. But I’ve not jumped onto the bandwagon until now, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. It’s a really thick, warm jumper. And best of all? I don’t have to wear the largest size they sell! You have no idea how good a feeling that is for a fatty like me.

I wanted to buy another one, but having a look there isn’t anything else that has caught my eye. It’s all FPS, or classic fighter games…or Sonic. Why is there no Final Fantasy Christmas jumper? I’d buy that shit straight away.

Another thing I’ve often noticed when trying to buy ‘geeky’ or ‘gamer’ clothing, is that unless you are *at most* a size 16, you will not find a wide variety of female clothing – be it t-shirts, skirts, dresses etc. I love tank tops, strappy tops, dresses – as long as there is a flattering cut around my boobs and it’s not suffocatingly tight for a top, and goes with leggings as a dress/skirt I’m a happy camper. But can I get any interesting designs in those styles and my size? No – I have to buy a male t-shirt and either suck it up or cut it up. Shoes? Again, as a size 9 as long as I’m happy buying men’s shoes I can get a geeky pair. That’s quite disheartening, and makes shopping at conventions a much less fun experience. Obviously if I could sew it would make life a whole lot easier, but what about us lazy larger ladies? Am I just shopping at all the wrong places?

skinny gamer

What I like best however is when people get creative and make their own – I once had a half hour drunken chat in a nightclub with a woman who made her very own Pokémon corset. Now that is that I call

In summary I love geeky clothing, the more original the better – I only wish I could wear more of it.

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