The 100 hour game

So what happened, 100 hour free roaming games are finally here. Something changed and the justification for the £50 you drop of a game is now actually justified. Remember when you dropped £45-50 and got a weekends worth of gameplay out of the thing, I’m looking at your Resident Evil 5 and basically anything that came out near the end of the xbox 360 – PS3 era.

The obvious answer to why are games bigger now is the hardware, but then we look at The Order 1886 and how that was a fuck up people are trying to forget.

We have had long games before, basically anything with Final Fantasy in the title is going to be pushing 40-50 hour and if you choose to do the bonus content then you can truly drag it out. Bethesda is the king of long fucking games, I easily spent about 80 hours in Skyrim but lets be honest most of it was just being lost… oooo look another fucking loot cave. Or in Fallout 3 where i just got bored of not really knowing what going on. The latest round of games seem to have actually structured the main story to be 80 hours plus and then you have side missions where you have to do some just to make sure your level is on par to drill through the main story or so you have enough resource so getting through the next mission where you have to take out tanks isn’t just you, a horse and a silenced rubber shooting uzi. Balls.

“oooo look another fucking loot cave”

I’m happy that we finally made it, the price of a game is well and truly justified. Even if the games industry is trying to squeeze every penny out of a title with microtransations. In a way be careful what you wish for. I find myself becoming more burnt out on a game and instead of looking forward to playing it i just see it as a drag and getting to the end is more of a relief than a celebration. 40-45 hours for me is probably enough of a game, but 100 hours of core content is just a bit to much for me.


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