Which Witcher: Part 2

With 60+ hours of game-play it’s time to conclude my thoughts on The Witcher 3.

Last time I talked about the Witcher I made a decision that Witcher 2 was the better game out of the series, now that I have completed Witcher 3 I will reflect on that and see which Witcher is best.

(If you haven’t completed the game this post will make little to no sense. Also spoilers.)

First of all lets break down what happened in Witcher 3. Things seem pretty simple from the start, we are out to find your ‘adopted’ daughter Ciri, who’s real farther is Emhyr var Emreis. Due to some messy child selling deal in the early days, she has some farther issues and so found her self training to become a Witcher under the gaze of Geralt, Unknown to him she has the blood of the elders running through her, and this gives her the power to navigate through different universes/worlds/gummy drop lands. The Wild Hunt wish to use this power to try and get their lovely Elfs selves in to our world, for what I can assume is to invade it? destroy it? conquer it? or migrate. Either way not good.

(I’m going to go ahead and say that my Witcher knowledge is a bit rusty so this post will need to be criticized ruthlessly.)


As the game likes to point out every 5 mins Geralt isn’t special, he is a Witcher just going around doing Witcher things and spindling a romance with anything magic related with tits (but i have amnesia, fuck off). The point of Geralt being just a ‘Witcher’ got so ingrained into me I was half tempted to leave the lot of them to figure it out for themselves and ride around with Roach smashing up shit and chillaxing in the local tavern playing Gwent.

Unfortunately when I called Roach its like shouting directions at the blind, in a room full of boxes. I often gave up on Roach and just ran everywhere. He still turned out to be slightly more useful than the horse in Dragon Age 3.

Unfortunately when I called Roach its like shouting directions at the blind, in a room full of boxes.

In order to cut down the amount of time i was pouring into this game I gave up on monster contracts, they seemed to follow the same structure no matter what you did. I did complete most of the secondary quests I considered important. They do actually make a difference to the end of the game so worth investing some time into them, overall I found them quite interesting and added another level of story to the game. I also spent some time collecting Witcher gear and that’s about everything I did on the side. The game is massive and as highlighted in the last review i could literally pour hundreds of hours into this game.

I like to think that me and Geralt helped in our own way, we pushed the story forward, did all the grunt work, got everyone to the end. Then strolled in and fucked up some members of the wild hunt. And just when I thought: Yeah I did something, I helped. Ciri turns around and tells you your ‘just a witcher’ brilliant thanks. Why don’t you go and save us from a giant snowball or something.

The ending does come a bit out of no where, however the game does reference the White Frost a few times. It was also mentioned a few times through Witcher 1 and 2. If you actively sought it out. Games which leave me searching for more about the lore on the internet have achieved in getting my attention however I feel they should just make it clear in the game’s story what is actually going on. In the Witcher this wasn’t the case, I still have very little idea what was really going on in the end. Maybe it was all above my station, maybe a lonely Witcher wasn’t suppose to know everything, maybe that’s the point.


I still stand with what I said in the last review, Witcher 2 was the better game. It kept me wanting more. In 3 I got to the point where I just wanted it to end and that’s the key difference between the two.

However despite the negativity which is spewing out of this blog post the Witcher was a joy to play and Witcher 3 was a fitting finally to an excellent series.

(Once I have recovered from Witcher 3 fatigue I might try and smash through Witcher 1, 2 and 3… that wont be for a long time though)

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