Films Previews: The internet is a thing

Sometime in the past we had #SDCC2015 and with it comes a load of film related news and hidden behind the scenes footage of the latest and greatest films to hit the big screen and re-light your love for over priced pop-corn and sticky floors.

We seem to play the pirate game every year and its something that’s been around my entire life, this constant struggle by large corporation to make the entertainment we all love (and would gladly pay for) incredibly hard to watch. Piracy in itself is a large and controversial subject, something I am going to avoid talking about as a whole. Instead im going to look at the new fuck-up on the block. Secret trailer screenings, or adverts.

We had a whole host of information come flooding out of the twitters and tube-you’s about where to see the new hand-held recording of the latest and greatest trailers to hit #SDCC. You would hope that after the initial screening the marketing peeps would have the sense to put a hi-definition version on the internet. It’s impossible to stop people with high-end smartphones and 4G instantly posting to the inter-web so why has it become the norm for companies to get things so wrong when it comes to marketing there own products.

Marketing wise getting the hype buzzing around the film through the press with a secret screening of a film is something I can get of board with, however secretly screening the trailer is like having a secret screening of a bleach advert. I just cant see the point. It’s marketing material so just fucking post it.

Part of me wants to think that these companies know the trailer is going to get leaked and its now just become part of the process of releasing a block buster, in away they have two chances to build up hype around the release. Once with the leak, then with the official release.

Then you have some people who just don’t get it:

“We have no plans currently to release the Suicide Squad footage that leaked from Hall H on Saturday. It’s unfortunate and ultimately damaging that one individual broke a long-standing trust we have enjoyed with our fans at the convention by posting early material, which, at this point, was not intended for a wider audience. We are still in production on Suicide Squad, and will have a big campaign launch in the future. Our presentation yesterday was designed to be experienced in that room, on those big screens!”

– Warner Bros

Interesting game…

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