Why wait for GOTY

Batman Arkham Knight has been an overwhelming car crash on the PC, aside from the complete fuck up from the outsourcing company who did the PC port the whole marketing of the game has left me.. disappointed.

Releasing platform specific content is a fucking pain, do the marketing bro’s think that by releasing a piece of content on the ‘console-a’ as opposed to ‘console-b’ this will somehow mean that the average “Johnny Johning’son” will now pull £400 out of his magic money bag and pay for your console because – “OMG I NEED ALTERNATIVE ENDING 5”.

Probably not…

Gamers just want to play your game, the full version of your game. Give more for the price tag, your average game price is £55. I don’t know about some people but that’s a big investment and the fact that someone has chosen to put money in your product means they want the best.

Gamers just want to play your game.

My advice is to avoid the release day fuck around and just wait 6-8 months for the GOTY addition with all the additional console specific loveliness, but that’s easier to say than to do.

I’m not totally against DLC, I get that some games companies can’t get everything done before live but wishes to add more content to the game at a later date and to bring the player back in. For a good price and a solid expansion I would gladly pay. Wither 3 currently has chargeable DLC planned but its something I’m willing to invest in, because I trust the company to deliver.

Something I’m not a fan of is butchering up a game for marketing reasons and that’s why in the case of Batman Arkham Knight I will be waiting for GOTY addition.

By buying the GOTY addition you will also get a much more solid game, thanks to all the bugs being ironed out and all problems being fixed over the months. With games becoming more complex I expect first day jitters, no amount of testing can be done to take into account every eventuality, sometimes you just have to release a game and see what happens.

Arkham however was a cluster fuck on the PC something companies seem to be getting wrong allot these days (I’m looking at you Fable Anniversary, Assassins creed, etc). It not like they where slight problems either I’m talking crippling issues which resulted in a pull of the PC version from sales. I know its shit but sometimes just push the release date back.

You can do better.

For those who cant wait. Thanks for letting us know not to buy it right now.

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