What’s New Kickstarter??????

It’s that time again! Here is another installment in the “WNK” series (and yes, I can see what the initials sound like…). In this series I browse Kickstarter on a monthly basis and pull out a couple of games (mainly board games) that really catch my eye. So here are some picks for July!

IMMORTAL – Mythology Board Game


Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/game-o-gami/immortal-mythology-board-game?ref=discovery

Game by Game-O-Gami
$13,469 pledged of $19,950 goal
17 Days to go (24/07/2015)

I watched the video that the team created for IMMORTAL and do you know what was my first impression?

“It’s Triple Triad!”


The idea of using cards to ‘battle’ and capture enemies is not new, and I was a little disappointed at first when they tried to play it off as such. The mechanics involved in their battle game when you boil it down to the very basics are very similar to the FF8 mini-game, I pretty much heard the music whilst watching the video. There are so many different varients, it’s hard to claim something as bold as that without some hardcore research and proof. Their saving grace, however, was not in their video or advertising – but in the video reviews that they have included lower down the page.

These reviews give you some insight into the gameplay itself, and this demonstrated the little things that actually made this game unique. The game is split into two rounds, with 2 separate groups of cards for both, and the modular board gives you a new “battleground” for each game. The board also has areas that can affect cards that are placed on it, adding a bit more strategy to the game.These guys have also gone ahead and included a downloadable rule book and a download print-and-play set of pdf files. So not only can you see other people review and play the game, but they give you the opportunity to do it yourself! And as I’ve already said on my previous Kickstarter article – it’s this level of trust and confidence that gets people to part with their money, and it’s that kind of ballsy move that I like.

Another selling point for this game is the amazing artwork. Each person plays a “Pantheon” of gods. You have the standard Greek and Norse sets which seem to be the go-to for anything myth-based, but you also get Japanese and Native American Gods which I think is a really nice touch.

So overall a good card battle game – one to definitely keep an eye on!

TAU CETI: Planetary Crisis


Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/226625542/tau-ceti-planetary-crisis?ref=discovery

Game by Outer Limit Games, LLC
$19,261 pledged of $39,600 goal
15 Days to go (22/07/2015)

Tau Ceti is a sci-fi epic boatd game, where the players are in an alliance completing for power against other alien civilisations whilst dealing with planetary crises.

The first thing that caught my eye about this game is the fantastic set up. With the cards, board, miniatures and different coins, this looks to be a beast of a game.

Look at this! Definitely getting your money's worth of game with this masterpiece
Look at this! Definitely getting your money’s worth of game with this masterpiece

The game seems to be a mix of gaining resources, forming and backstabbing alliances, political coups, exploration – it looks to be everything I wanted from a Game of Thrones game but set in space.

In all seriousness though, the game seems well thought out, and whilst I am disappointed at the lack of review videos and playthroughs on this kickstarter, the main campaign video provides enough information to see that this is a game that has interesting mechanics, shiny accesories and replayability. They have included a rulebook, free print & play and a quick play guide to give you a head start, which means already they are in my good books. My only criticism is that the artwork doesn’t seem to be of the same standard to the rest of the game. With such slick mechanics and developed cards and miniatures, the art comes off a little amateurish in comparison, and whilst it’s not bad per-se, I just think the style is a little cartoonish for what I would have wanted to see.

Molecular – The Strategic Chemistry Tile Game


Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/itbboardgames/molecular-the-strategic-chemistry-tile-game?ref=discovery

Game by Inside the Box Board Games
£3,670 pledged of £15,000 goal
22 Days to go (28/07/2015)

The way I like to think of this game is scrabble for chemists. Instead of using tiles to create words (which you then argue with your opponent over before consulting Google or a Dictionary depending on your generation), players use tiles to create molecules that assist in your research. If you’re put off due to a lack of a chemistry degree panic not! They have provided recipe cards for you to use. They also have effect cards that adds another level to this game.

It has a very simplistic design – black and white tiles and cards, simple and straight-forward graphics and simple tiles. The real draw is the mechanics and versatility of the game – you can play a quick easy game, but there is the option to use some strategy if you so wish.

My only real concern is from the kickstarter page itself. The guys who created the game are young and their testimonials do not really inspire the confidence needed when investing in a business idea. Whilst the game is good, I’m not sure I would want to give my money to someone who included in his background the fact he moved house, went on holiday and completed his finals over 3 days. And including a testimonial from your Dad might seem funny at the time, but to be honest it comes across as amateur and reaching for praise. Any publicity is meant to be good right? The one thing they did do right is in additional to monetary goals, they have set “social goals” based off of Facebook Likes. This is an interesting and refreshing twist to the kickstarter goals, and fully embraces the fact that social media is a big player in game advertising these days. A good move in my book!

So overall I would say that this game is definitely one to keep an eye out for. Simplicity is sometimes best, and I think this is an excellent example of that fact.

Foodfighters — a battle game with all the right ingredients.

food fighters

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1111322876/foodfighters-a-battle-game-with-all-the-right-ingr?ref=discovery

Game by Kids Table Board Gaming
$4,816 pledged of $25,000 goal
25 Days to go (01/08/2015)

This is an adorable looking game. It is a card battle game, with dice and miniatures to assist. The simple mechanics and cute artwork mean it is a fantastic game to introduce children to tabletop and card gaming. The campaign video demonstrates the game in action, and you can see that it is well thought out and put together with good quality items included.

One of the things I like about this game is the small additional items that add to the gameplay. Tiny spoons and crackers to equip your warriors with? Adorable! Small tiny wooden beans to use as currency with cute little dice? Wonderful! The review playthrough is very positive, and it is a quick 2 player game I could definitely imagine playing with younger siblings or even the older members of the family at Christmas. Definitely one to keep an eye on!

Go look and maybe download the playthroughs I’ve suggested. In fact – if you do, make sure to comment below letting me know whether their gamble paid off and made you go post them some money.

If you spot anything you want me to look into, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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