2 Days of Fallout Shelter

I am not the type of person to shout about mobile gaming, in fact its something for a long time I hated the idea of. However as time has passed I have found myself dipping into the crack-den of free to play games. This list of shame includes: Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush and now Fallout: Shelter.

Just like a crack pusher the first hit is free.

Just like a crack pusher the first hit is free, you start off by being spammed with easy win goals which amount to some ‘Epic’ Items. This is a good boost and gives you something to do for the first 2 hours of gameplay. Its a similar ploy used by other micro management games, you start off with allot and typically the difficulty level spikes after about 6 hours of gameplay, bottle necking you into the ‘pay to play’ micro-transaction. This is where i normally leave.

Fallout shelter (as of writing) allows you to play with out having to part with your money, I found it relatively easy to handle most situation and have yet to run low on the 3 resources you need to keep your dwellers happy.


At the end of everyday you get a break down of how everything is going, overall I’m finishing each ‘session’ on a B+ with out having to do very much or invest any money and this might be the issue. Its a little too tame, I open up the app I check whats going on, I click all the sparkly things on the screen and I close the app… thats it, every 2-3 hours.

I bought one set of cards for the bank busting price of 79p, and although my family is now eating out of a soup kitchen I felt happy with my purchase. I received over 500 caps and an ‘Epic’ item. Which I felt gave more value than just paying to keep my addiction alive, I didn’t need the caps or the item, but now I have money to throw at things, things I don’t need.

The gameplay attempts to keep you interested with 3 basic incidence: Fire, bugs and raiders. All of which have proved to be easy to handle.

Will I keep playing? No, its just too simple, but yet somehow strangely addictive and that sounds a little too dangerous for me.



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