Fallout 4 – Live Free or Fallout

(Alright alright, I assume this has already been done somewhere Internet – but I love me some Bruce alright? It’s a weakness of mine)

Ooooo Bruce so beautiful....
Ooooo Bruce so beautiful….

*ahem* so – Fallout 4. I am pretty damn excited for the new Fallout. I have fond memories of eating pizza and exploring the wastes of Fallout 3 and Vegas (admittedly my experiences were through shouting commands at my fiance as he played, pizza crust flying from my mouth to add to my Siren-like appeal as I made sure he didn’t turn into a complete bastard and bomb Megaton / murder any passing stranger that gave him the opportunity. But I digress). The trailer was amazing, if somewhat confusing to me at first (to my shame I did need it explaining to me that the dog in the trailer that’s going through the house is not the family pet left behind after the disaster. I was a little upset up until that point). I had already accepted (and looked forward to) the Fallout franchise taking over the living room TV all hours of the day and night.

But then E3 announced an extra dose of total amazingness – this new Fallout comes with a special shiny addition – CONTAINING AN ACTUAL PIPBOY

Pip Boy Edition Fallout 4

I have seen mixed reactions to the Pip Boy. Some people (mainly friends of mine) have been waiting to throw money at the nearest person just for the opportunity to own one of these bad boys, whilst others have already made sure to log their cynicism.

“I bet it’s just cheap plastic”

“It’ll probably break instantly” 

“Preparing for disappointment” 

I for one am prepared to give Bethesda the benefit of doubt. They are a games company that seem to care about releasing a semi-decent product – they have released some fantastic games: Skyrim, Fallout, Elderscrolls to name but a few. Their previous merch has also been pretty good quality wise, I have a Vaultboy Bobblehead and lunchbox on display in my bookcase with no complaints. The E3 demo looked pretty impressive, and it convinced the future-husband and I to pull together the £99.00 needed to buy the collector’s edition (or at the very least, accept that when it comes out we’ll be spending that amount since we’ve pre-ordered it. And the pre-order comes with a new Bobblehead! What more could you ask for?!).

So now I get the joy of having an actual Pip Boy on my arm,  to play with and possibly indulge in removing my Fiancé’s armour without him noticing…


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