Delicious Afterbirth…

I hope I’m not the only person here that is absolutely cacking it for the upcoming Binding of Isaac expansion. Already I have achieved platinum god, real platinum god and spent some 280 hours of hair pulling rage of the typical unfairness that this bastard game provides. Call me a masochist because I fucking love it.

Those of you mad enough to not play what might be considered one of best indie titles of all time, BoI (Binding of Isaac) is essentially a Zelda dungeon crawler clone with a heavy biblical theme and procedural generation, which makes for a different player experience each time. Full of secrets and synergies, Isaac (or any of the other 9 playable characters) must go floor to floor or his way to fight his religious zealot mother. Enough motivation for us all.

The expansion will feature:

  • new floor layouts
  • 100+ new items
  • 10 new challenges
  • new bosses/enemies
  • new alternate floors
  • new transformation
  • new playable characters

We are assured that this expansion will add another 100-200 hours to the lifespan of the game, which is more than most developers would bother with! Jerks.

Feel free to look through the creator, Edmund McMillen, BoI blog for weekly updates on the progress of the expansion’s development.

More Isaac coverage closer to the release date later this year (TBC).



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